The Piemontemare Vineyards, (Vigneti Piemontemare) belong to the Ghio family winery, established in 1881. These vineyards cover an area of about 45 hectares spread between terraces, streams and forests in the municipality of Bosio. This is the hilliest area from Gavi to Ovada and is the area that is closest to the Ligurian Sea in the Piedmont region.

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“For at least seven generations my family has been producing wines in this wonderful territory, perpetuating millenary traditions in order to preserve its historical memory.
The customs, gestures and secrets that nature taught my father, my grandfather, his father and his grandfather before him in the vineyard and in the cellar have not changed over the years.
I think that wine preserves time, meteorological and historical time in the bottle, as well as the territory from which it draws its vigor”.

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